This Indian wedding at Burj Al Arab Terrace is what dreams are made of

As you look at the stunning wedding video of Indian couple, Vivek Bhatia and Shruti, at Burj Al Arab Terrace, take heart and try NOT to be jealous. The wedding was planned by Dubai-based Event Chic Designs that claims they were the first couple to get married at the Terrace that opened last year.

While most of us desire a fairytale wedding at some point in our lives, only a few are able to achieve that dream. And then they live happily ever after. (Those who don't, ALSO live happily ever after!)

Watching this couple get married at Dubai's iconic seven-star attraction seems like a modern-day fairy tale.

The wedding appears to be in a "fusion" of modern structures and the tranquility of the nearby water. It has a central walkway, surrounded by beaches and private cabanas on both sides.

Oh and how can we forget the icing on the cake -- there were fireworks too!

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