Ed Sheeran wrote 10 versions of every song on his new album

The scar on his cheek, a result of Princess Beatrice slicing him open with a sword while pretending to knight fellow pop singer James Blunt, is much deeper than it appears in photos.

When he arrives, Sheeran saunters into the room in regulation scruffy jeans and a hoodie, his mop of ginger hair squashed haphazardly under a baseball cap.

‘A song to beat Thinking Out Loud’
“I didn’t have a guitar case in front of the stage, though,” Sheeran laughs. “Although that probably would have been fun.”

And when he sold out three nights at Wembley, he delighted in the Big Issue’s description of him as “the world’s first stadium busker”.

According to film director Sharon Maguire, who shot his cameo in Bridget Jones’ Baby, “the more insulting we made it, the more he loved it”.

It encapsulates him perfectly: Ed Sheeran is pop’s most self-deprecating megastar.

We’re ushered into the press office, where Ed’s magazine covers have all been framed and hung on the wall. There’s the NME, Q magazine, Rolling Stone, Billboard… and someone has stuck googly eyes on them all.

As you get in the lift, there he is again. And when you walk past the boardroom, he’s present in puppet form – the marionette from his Sing video is stood upright in a glass presentation case.

In the lobby of Atlantic Records in West London, a poster of Ed Sheeran’s massive face peeks out from behind a chandelier, smiling beatifically at you.

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