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Hundreds of whales dead on New Zealand beach after mass stranding

A lack of communication could have also led to this disaster. Whales have a hard time using echolocation in shallow, sloping waters like those in Golden Bay.

It’s possible that at this instant, an entire group of whales beached themselves after one single whale got sick, injured or stranded. Their social bonds are so strong, pod-mates will always swim to the aid of others.

About 300 whales and dolphins beach themselves on New Zealand’s shorelines each year, especially in

Jaguar and Charging Bull Motorcycles

The Jaguar is based on car company Jaguar (although it reminds me of the Transformer Ravage), and the bull is intended to represent a variety of companies including Lamborghini, Merril Lynch, and the Chicago Bulls. Massow has designed a bunch of other concepts that take well-known logos and turns them into something resembling a motorcycle.

Formula 1: Williams launch new car for 2017 season

The new car will take to the track for the first time during a pre-season test, which will start with Brazilian Massa driving it in Spain on Monday, 27 February.

"Although cosmetically the 2017 cars will look very different to their 2016 predecessors, the core of the car, the power unit and the areas situated around the power unit, have not changed a great deal," Williams said in a statement.

Williams will be looking to reassert themselves after finishing fifth in the constru

The Impossible Car Sculptures of Gerry Judah

Each year a different corporate sponsor has commissioned Judah for the main festival sculpture. Below you will find the last six years of Judah’s ambitious creations.

Born and raised in West Bengal, India, Judah and his family moved to London, England when he was 10-years-old. The artist received his BFA from Goldsmiths College, completing his post-graduate studies in sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Arts.

Since 1997, artist Gerry Judah has built the main, car-themed str

FollowMeTo Couple Take Their Dubai Shots to New Heights

The world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa may make a super image but their are safer ways to get a shot in front of it, we're sure you'll agree.

Murad and Natalya Osmann have shared fresh shots from the UAE on their Instagram pages, this time on top of skyscrapers. Despite others replicating their famous hand-holding pose on social media, these daring pictures aren't to be copied.

They've taken shots from the stunning Madinat Jumeirah and the Dubai Fountain, and

Metting of Michelle Obama and Melania Trump

The picture of Michelle Obama and Melania Trump posted on the Internet left Netizens in splits. People couldn't stop drawing a comparison between the FLOTUS and FLOTUS-to-be – style, fashion, background and of course speeches. No one has forgotten how Melania Trump plagarised Michelle Obama’s speech and slammed her for lack of originality then.

Pan Bahar ad: Pierce Brosnan

Hollywood actor Pierce Brosnan who got massively trolled on social media after appearing in an ad Pan Bahar, a Pan masala, released a statement on October 20 stating that the company falsely presented him as the brand ambassador of its entire product line and he had no idea he was endorsing something that would harm someone’s health. Reportedly, the contact mentioned he was endorsing a “breath freshener/tooth whitener”. “Having endured, in my own personal life, the loss of my first wi

The Himalayas from space

No, this isn’t an actual photo of the Himalayas as seen from space. It’s actually a pretty old fake. As HoaxofFame and photo debunker PicPedant both point out, it’s a computer generated image from circa 2006. Gorgeous? Sure. But a bit less stunning when you realize that it looks artificial for a reason.

Is this a frozen spider web

No, this isn’t some gigantic frozen spider web. As Snopes points out, it’s actually an ice sculpture that was on display at the Helsinki Zoo in 2011. When the photo is spread across social media it’s usually cropped a bit tighter so that it’s hard to tell just how large the web (sorry, sculpture) really is.